Wedding Planning in the Time of Corona: November

Hi babes!

Funny seeing you here! Another month of wedding planning is officially in the rear view, can you believe?! 2020 is almost history! November will most likely be our last ‘chill’ month of the next year, and we sure did enjoy it! However, December is going to hold some really fun wedding activities (really just the cake tasting portion of the planning, my personal favorite thing to plan!).

Let’s dive in!


This month was definitely more low-key. I had some changes to my job, so I was pretty focused on that. This is what we worked on this month:

  • Finalize the Florist
  • Work on Honeymoon
  • Get reception dress in the mail and set up alterations

Finalizing the Florist

As we talked about last month, flowers are really damn expensive. Like, REALLY expensive. I was a bit shocked to get an initial proposal that was more $$$ than our photographer and videographer combined (the most important part in my book!). However, after working through some things and making ~compromises~ we landed on a number that worked for both of us.

I’m excited to be working with such an incredible florist, Scarlett and Grace. Erin, the owner, mastered our vision for the wedding day, and she’s going to be adding some fun pops of color to the already beautiful Park Winters. Also, she’s Dutch, which is a plus for us since we want to add a couple Dutch elements to the florals (Are all wedding vendors Dutch? This is the second Dutch lady we have hired, and since I’m Dutch, we love this!).

Going through the floral process helped us nail down our perfect wedding colors as well. I’m excited to be having a bright, fun wedding with touches of Boho elements. It’s going to be stunning.

To save some $$, John and I decided to build our own ceremony arch! Thank goodness I’m marrying an ex-carpenter. Everyone needs a John.

Honeymoon Planning

Obviously the most important part of the wedding, it’s been a struggle to plan a Honeymoon during Covid. We obviously have no idea if we’ll be able to travel, or how far, by next September. Although we’re not rushing any decisions, we have started working with the most incredible, brand spanking new, travel company.

They’re called Luxury Travel Hackers, and you’re going to die when you check out the trips on their website. They are currently working on a couple different trip options for us –

One is a week yachting through the Greek Islands. COME ON. I have no words. What a dream honeymoon. Also, we got engaged in Greece! So it would be amazing to return right after we tie the knot.

But the other option? Oof.

A week on a private island in Belize, staying in an overwater bungalow, and ARRIVING BY HELICOPTER.

How is a girl to choose?!

We feel incredibly lucky that they are helping us with such an important decision! The best part? If Covid decides to stick around and we have to push back our honeymoon, we won’t lose a dime.

I highly encourage you to check out these trips!!!

The Reception Dress

My reception dress arrived in the mail, ahead of schedule! Such a treat.

The only problem? I may have ordered too large of a dress…. ya girl is SWIMMING in it.

To be honest, it was pretty disappointing trying on a dress that I spent so much money on, and feeling like I was wearing a trash bag (a very beautiful trash bag). I know that alterations is going to give me my dream dress, but it was almost difficult to remember the dress I tried on in the store so many months ago. I still love love love the dress, and I’m excited to have my alterations consultation this month so I can get a better idea of what the final dress will look like!

I also decided to show John the Reception dress, but not the Ceremony dress! I want to keep the first dress a secret, and have that “first look” moment with my almost hubby. But the reception dress was so different, it didn’t feel like it needed to be a secret. Even though I felt like trash in the wayyyy too big gown, he thought I looked beautiful. A keeper, I tell ya.

Miscellaneous Thoughts

I’ve been having quite a few wedding nightmares, and it’s always the same dream: I’m late to my wedding day. Everyone is there, staring at me, but I forgot to plan the wedding! So we have absolutely nothing.

I’m surprised that my nightmares are always about forgetting to plan, since planaholic is my middle name. At least I’m not worried about John showing up inebriated (this is always what my mom guesses I’ve dreamt of when I tell her I had a wedding nightmare). John is too good for that!

I’m really excited to go to our cake tasting this month! We are trying NINE desserts. NINE. How?! If we tasted everything just once, that would be nine bites of dessert.

I’m so ready.

Stay tuned, and be sure to watch my Instagram to see various wedding updates during the month!