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The 7 Apps for Instagram You Didn’t Know You Needed


Sharing my favorite iPhone editing apps! Secrets that Instagram Influencers don’t want you to know….

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An Open Letter to the Struggling Content Creator


I’m here to write a bit about hope. And I wish that by sharing a bit of my story, I can inspire you to write your own. You see, only a year ago I was a different person than the woman I am today. A year ago I was lost, riding an emotional roller coaster. I didn’t know what I wanted out of life, my career, love, really anything. I had lost my spark, and my passion, and all I wanted was to sleep, because that was so, so much better than my reality.

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How to Work with Big Brands as a Small Influencer (And Get Paid for It!)


So you’ve seen every Bachelor contestant known to man selling skinny-fit tea. And you’ve noticed Julie with 1.2 million followers traveling the world, sharing bikini ad after bikini ad. So how do they do it? And more importantly, how can get involved? You’ve done everything right, and your Instagram has officially taken off, but, you don’t have a million followers. Maybe you don’t even have 10,000 followers. So do brands want to work with you? How can you get paid to promote brands on social?

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World War 3: The Battle of the Influencers


It’s no secret that becoming an influencer these days can really pay off. It seems like every second, someone with 200,000+ followers is posting a sponsored ad for some fit tea. Sure, these posts can pay very well. Which, of course, is where the jealousy and haters come in. Once you’re making it big, everyone wants a piece. But sometimes, wanting what someone else has can be torture, and can create a dark, hateful world inside the blogosphere.

So, in a modern world, where everyone has the ability to become an influencer, share their thoughts, and work with tons of brands, why are we hating on each other? What happened to women supporting women? Why can’t we be happy for our fellow sisters who are out there doing big things, even if the opportunity hasn’t presented itself to us yet? 

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Getting Comfortable Posing in Front of the Camera


Picture this: you see influencers all over Instagram showing off their natural poses, pretty smiles, and hair flips. They look fabulous, and it looks so easy! You grab a friend (or a tripod) and set out to take a couple candids. Suddenly, you’re standing in front of the camera, biting your lip awkwardly, stiff as a board. How does everyone else make this look so easy?

That was me when I started my Instagram journey. I was a budding photographer with lots of awesome ideas, but whenever I was in front of the camera… well, it was another story. Awkward is really the only word that comes to mind.

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Turn Your Stories into a Party!



These days, Instagram stories are becoming more and more curated these days, and many creators are opting to share in stories much more than in their regular feed. In order to make your stories stand out, I have accumulated 10 GIF searches to add some fun to your stories.

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Shooting Your Own Content 101


Hi #GreyGirlGram fam! I am so excited to launch blog posts for Thursday’s #GreyGirlGram, where I offer tips and tricks to up your IG game! I always have so much to say, so I thought bringing my full ideas onto the blog would be PERF.

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Strike a Pose! Getting Comfortable in Front of the Camera


The camera has become my best friend. It knows my good sides, how to hide my insecurities, and how to make me feel like a boss betch!

But it hasn’t always been my best friend… When I first started shooting content, I would awkwardly bite my lip in EVERY PHOTO without knowing I was doing it! It took some serious time to get out of that funk and start shooting content I actually liked.

So I’m going to spill all my secrets; everything I’ve learned in the past two years! Let’s do this.

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So You Wanna Be an Influencer…


Hello GreyGirlGram BABES! I have a super exciting blog post for you this week!

This is definitely going to be for anyone who’s just starting out on their journey and wants to become a content creator. I’m going to be writing this for baby Han when she was just starting out. I hope some of these tips can help you as you go through your own journey!

Let’s do this!

Okay, so you’ve started your Instagram account and you’re eager to start working with brands! Where should you start?

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Answering YOUR FAQ’s!


Hey hey #GreyGirlGram babes!! I know I always say I’m excited, but this week I’m REALLY excited, because I’m sharing the answers to your burning questions!

This week I asked what questions you had about Social Media, and you had a LOT of questions!

So what do ya say we get to answering them? Let’s jump right in!

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