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Wedding Planning in the Time of Corona: September

Hi fabulous babes! Welcome to month one of Wedding Planning in the Time of Corona: Month by Month. I am SO excited to take you through my entire wedding planning process! My vision for this is that at the end of every month, I’ll fill you in on what I did that month, snazzy behind the scenes photos that you won’t see anywhere else, and tips and trips for future brides!

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Wedding Planning in the Time of Corona: October

How has another month passed already? Quarantine time sure does fly by! But what a fun month it’s been. John and I recently got back from a weekend away in the Redwoods, and we found out that our wonderful host, Josephine, is an ordained minister! So we decided, should we have to move our wedding due to Covid, we’re probably eloping in the woods with Josephine. Great way to save a buck, amirite? Anywho, let’s jump in!

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Wedding Planning in the Time of Corona: November

Hi babes! Funny seeing you here! Another month of wedding planning is officially in the rear view, can you believe?! 2020 is almost history! November will most likely be our last ‘chill’ month of the next year, and we sure did enjoy it! However, December is going to hold some really fun wedding activities (really just the cake tasting portion of the planning, my personal favorite thing to plan!).

Let’s dive in!

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Wedding Planning in the Time of Corona: December

Hello Hello 2021! December was a super fun month of wedding planning. Now that we’ve chosen most of our larger vendors, it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty (and I’m STOKED).

We’re still feeling v hopeful about the whole coronavirus situation, and we’re hoping with the arrival of the vaccine, that things will be a smidge more normal by September!

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Wedding Planning in the Time of Corona: January

Another month officially in the rear view!

Things were definitely heating up this month, and I found myself with much more to accomplish. Among those tasks, I was also plagued with several wedding nightmares… this time, Covid related. Here’s hoping we won’t have to purchase custom masks for our guests!

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Wedding Planning in the Time of Corona: February

Hello hello fabulous friends!

We are officially SIX MONTHS OUT. Although I am beyond stoked for the wedding, it’s true what they say- it really does sneak up on you! February was another food-focused month for us (my favorite kinds of month). We attended our tasting at Park Winters, and started planning some of the Bachelor/ Bachelorette party fun! This was also the first month that we started feeling a lot better about things, and as of now, we are optimistic that we’ll be able to have a fairly normal, safe wedding! We’re still cautiously optimistic, but it’s looking good over here. Get excited for a HUGE party after 1.5 years in quarantine!

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Wedding Planning in the Time of Corona: March

Another month in the rearview!

March was jam packed with…. stuff other than wedding planning 🙂  John and I decided that we were missing out on an opportunity to hit the road during our work from home days. Why not work from home in a way cooler place? So we spent the month packing up, finding a tenant, and getting our home ready for leave for 3 months! I’m currently writing this from Seattle, and next month we’ll be hanging out in sunny Albuquerque, followed by beautiful Palm Springs.

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Wedding Planning in the Time of Corona: April

HOW IS IT MAY?!?! Not allowed.

It’s hard to believe that our month in Seattle has already come to an end, and we’re officially on our way to Albuquerque!! We’re excited for a month in a more rural area, since Seattle was v busy. After Abq we’ll be heading to Palm Springs, and then home in July for a ton of wedding things. This month was busy! We’re starting to narrow down the more minor details, which isn’t my favorite part.

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Wedding Planning in the Time of Corona: May

Oh boy, what DIDN’T I do this month?!

Everything definitely hit me this month. I now can’t turn my brain off, and all I ever think about is this damn wedding. Since we were finalizing addresses for our invites this month, I continuously would wake up in the dead of night remembering someone I forgot to add to the list, or a missed address, or WHATEVER. Lot’s of waking up from a lovely little sleep suddenly panicked.

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Wedding Planning in the Time of Corona: June

We are getting CLOSE people!!

Another month has zoomed on by, and everything feels really real. Maybe because we actually invited everyone… no backing out now! This month was pretty emotionally exhausting. Planning a Covid wedding means ensuring safety for our guests, which means requiring vaccinations for everyone. This hasn’t been the smoothest experience. Most of our guests are on the pro-vaccine side and totally understand, but it hasn’t been that way for everyone, which has caused a lot of tears and a lot of stress. On the happier side of things, we bought our wedding rings this month, which was super exciting! We also had our final engagement shoot with our wedding photographer (Miss @summer_rrae).

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Wedding Planning in the Time of Corona: July

Wait a minute- did July even happen? Because I don’t remember a thing. These months are flying by!

July was a month filled with Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, dental surgeries (yuck), lotsss of work, and wedding planning! It’s hard to believe that the wedding is ONE month away. This has felt both like the longest process ever and the shortest. The nerves are starting to set in, as well as the crazy excitement- I get to marry John in one month!

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Wedding Planning in the Time of Corona: THE WEDDING

God DAMN what an incredible weekend.

I was seriously amazed at how my planning paid off- everything went so well! The only things that went wrong were at fault of our wedding planner, who was, to put it plainly, terrible. But there’s no way she could have ruined such a perfect day!


The pool party flew by even quicker than the wedding did, and it was SO FUN. I only got the enjoy the pool before all the guests arrived, and I totally felt what it was like to be pulled in a ton of different directions. It was so hard to have conversations with everyone!! I know all brides say that, but as the people pleaser that I am (and social butterfly) this was so hard! I could have extended this into a week-long event and still wouldn’t have been able to talk to everyone enough.

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