As many people have said we are in tough times right now but this blog is to remind you that it won’t be like this forever and we can get through this together.

There are 3 main things that I have been trying to live by and remind myself throughout this life transition. Those are below:

Keep a Positive Mindset. 

This one seems easy but sometimes without knowing it, you might slip up. Be more cautious of what you are saying not just to yourself but to other people as well. If you are saying something negative be more aware and follow it up with a solution or different way of looking at the negative sentence.

For example the negative might be “I am so bad at this” and you can easily switch that by saying “I am glad I got the opportunity to try that.” or “I can practice and get better”. 

Another way to stay positive is to start everyday positive. Saying positive affirmations out loud to yourself in the mirror helps you believe them and it will start to change your outlook on life to more of a positive one. 

Stay Busy!

Near the beginning of the pandemic, I started to try out different things to keep busy. I tried baking, painting, hiking, getting in shape, and binging shows. I loved painting and being creative so much that I have continued creative projects when I am not busy. Which brings me to the next tip. 

The next tip is to make sure you are keeping yourself busy. With things closing and the 2nd wave coming, it’s important to have those new hobbies lined up! Use this extra time to try something you have always wanted to. Find your true passion. No more saying later. Later is NOW :)!

Learn that language, find your fashion sense, make different DIYs, bake, and more. There is so much to try out so I challenge you to pick one of those possibilities. Youtube has videos to learn almost anything you think of. It is important to be a lifetime learner and with those extra hours in the day or even 30 minutes every day, try out your new hobby. 

Not sure where to start? Start with this BuzzFeed quiz! 

Check-In On Friends 

In a time where social events have been limited or sort of at a halt, it is important to check in on your friends even if you are not usually that type of person. I recommend at least once a week for a big group zoom then individually texting/calling throughout the week. Almost everyone is in the same boat or has similar feelings about not being able to go out as much so discuss that more. Make it more than just a ‘Hey’ call, but really get deep and ask them ‘how are you really doing.’ Whether you know it or not your friend might be struggling with this, so reach out.

If your friend group is up for something new, then try these free games below for your weekly zoom calls!



  • Code words game is a team vs team game. 
  • Half the team are the spymasters and the other half are the field operatives. It gives you a board of 25 random words and the spymaster has to think of clues so that the field operative will guess their team color words and not the bomb or the other team’s words.

Broken Picture Phone

  • Broken picture phone cracks me up each time I play and if you play with people that can’t draw well then it will crack you up as well.
  • It is similar to Telephone but with pictures! Everyone starts with what they want someone to draw. Can start easy the first round like flower, car, sun, etc. Then it alternates picture and guessing until it reaches everyone. Share the screen and everyone gets to see if the phrase made it all the way through!

Cards Against Humanity

  • Everyone knows cards against humanity so this is a free online version that you can play with friends!
  • It is like apples to apple. There is a judge and they get a black card then everyone puts their white card in and the judge get to pick the card that related to the back card the best! Whoever has the most black cards at the end wins. 

We will all get through this time in our lives. With these tips, I have been staying safe but also continuing to keep myself entertained. These have helped me to adapt and remind myself that this is the best I can do at the moment. You are always doing your best, remember that.  

Stay safe and healthy,

Gabriella Keil

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