All the Deets on Anthropologie’s New Plus-Size Line

I have been ‘ooing’ and ‘aweing’ at Anthropologie shops since I was a chubby 12 year old kid. I remember once fitting into one of their larger, stretchier dresses and I was elated. Complete, even. I learned to appreciate their accessories and home goods, since fitting into those clothes was never going to happen for a size 16 with swimmer shoulders.

So when I heard that my favorite store in the world was releasing a curvy collection, I didn’t have words to describe how happy and included I felt. 2019 and Anthropologie finally gets it right – who’da thought? (They need to lower their prices, but that’s for another blog post).

When I heard that this was being released to only 10 of their 120 locations, I was bummed. Only one store on the West Coast (but there’s one in Pennsylvania, the operator assured me). *Scoff*

Lucky for me, I happened to be making the pilgrimage down south to Pasadena, California, where they were carrying the new APlus line at the Brick and Mortar store. I tried on many items from their new line so you can confidently order online and not have to worry about how it fits (okay, you may still worry). I hope this helps!

The Belted Dress, $150

This dress stole my heart. It fit so so well (TTS) and gave me a perfect waist. Plus, it has a clip at the top for a more modest look. The material was somewhat like linen, and it was very soft and flowy. This was at the top of my list! $150 for the dress is a bit steep, but it is SO DAMN CUTE.

The Tunic Dress, $140

Also TTS (that means True To Size, mom), this flowy number was cute! It hit at about the knee for me (and I’m 5’6), so I feel like this would look better on a taller gal. Still very cute and would for sure pair this with some red pumps.

The Bolano Dress, $160

This one didn’t quite make the cut for me (but this just is NOT my color!). I would say this also fits TTS and gives a nice waist, though made me look quite hippy. If you are larger busted, go up a size because the buttons will pop open a bit. This was also much longer on me than on the model.

The Maxi Dress, $160

I LOVED this one, and I’m just sorry I was wearing my hot pink sports bra with this adorable dress. It fit perfectly, and was so comfortable. I loved the way it looked, and if it didn’t cost a million dollars (okay, $150) then I would have bought it outright. Definitely TTS, and according to the sales girl, looks great on everyone!

The Seashore Striped Pants, $98

Looking for the perfect pair of “seashore” pants? Found it! These did run a bit large on me, so size down if you’re in between sizes. These were so soft and cozy (definitely a ‘live in it’ pair). For $98, they’re a splurge, but really cute and would probably go with everything! I am also wearing one of the white tees. This is slightly cropped and adorable. I did end up walking away with this (so soft and cozy, plus an awesome material). Highly recommend.

The Belted Top, $78

Surprisingly adorable (I didn’t pick this one for myself!) this top was both flattering and comfortable. I actually saw someone wearing it in white at a blogger conference I was at, and it looked sooooooo cute. I loved the thick material, and it definitely ran TTS but had a nice stretch to it. Grab it here.

The Moto Jacket, $150

This jacket was soooo ridiculously soft. This definitely fit TTS, but was a bit short for my taste. I also felt that the pockets were a bit far back, and it felt un-natural putting my hands in my pockets. Very cute, very soft, but not as practical as I would have liked. I’m also wearing with it the Zadkine Sweater Tank ($90) which I loved. A bit pricey for something without sleeves, if you ask me, but the material was soft and thick, which I loved. Very cute and flattering.

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