World War 3: The Battle of the Influencers

It’s no secret that becoming an influencer these days can really pay off. It seems like every second, someone with 200,000+ followers is posting a sponsored ad for some fit tea. Sure, these posts can pay very well. Which, of course, is where the jealousy and haters come in. Once you’re making it big, everyone wants a piece. But sometimes, wanting what someone else has can be torture, and can create a dark, hateful world inside the blogosphere.

So, in a modern world, where everyone has the ability to become an influencer, share their thoughts, and work with tons of brands, why are we hating on each other? What happened to women supporting women? Why can’t we be happy for our fellow sisters who are out there doing big things, even if the opportunity hasn’t presented itself to us yet?

I think about these things almost daily. On my own short journey of blogging and growing my Instagram follower count, I have felt that little green monster come out from inside me. I have caught myself scrolling through Instagram, thinking negative thoughts about fellow women that I don’t even know.

I believe that this is due to the ‘celebrity’ effect. Secretly, many of us want to be seen. To be heard. To be noticed. In a new world, where what we eat for breakfast is vital, and writing a caption can take days, it’s hard to be overlooked. When a seemingly normal person attracts this attention on social media, there’s a feeling of ‘what’s wrong with me? Why isn’t anybody noticing me?’ We then begin to take out our insecurities on the people that we see on Instagram.

So next time you’re feeling insignificant next to other Instagram Influencers, I challenge you to take a step back and remember what you have in common with them – you both have a voice and a platform, no matter how big or small. You have both faced adversity in this world, just by being a woman. There is room in this world for both of you.

I then challenge you to change your mindset (negative thinking ages you quicker anyway!). Be a positive force on social media and see what happens. Tell the girl you envy that you love her dress. Use her creative posts as inspo for your own. Spread love instead of hate, and just see what happens. I guarantee your authenticity and happiness will only attract more followers (and fans!) in the world of social media.

So next time you’re drawing comparisons, trying to find who’s lesser than you, just remember that there’s enough to go around, and you can wear your own crown.

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