Date Ideas for V-Day

This year, I will be spending my fifth Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend (wooahhh nelly!). We have never been bored with our annual dinner dates, but this year, we want to shake things up. After spending a couple years together, this holiday begins to feel like a celebration of new couples- which we are not. So, I wanted to come up with a few date ideas if you’re in the same boat as us- bored of the same old dinner dates!

First, thing about what you and your partner (or you + your girlfriends!) enjoy doing together. Is it cooking? Adventure? Crafting? Hiking? Dogs???? Let’s break it down, y’all!

When I’m looking for fun things to do for date night, I always consult Groupon and Airbnb! Did you know that Airbnb has a section all about activities in your hometown? No? Time to explore! I can spend so much time exploring all the activities available in my town, and there’s always at least one that I am dying to sign up for! Below are some of my favorite creative date ideas for V-Day 2019.

If you like to cook…

Do you and your partner enjoy cooking together? A fun way to spend a night is by hosting your own 2-person Chopped competition. Never seen Chopped? No worries. The basic premise is to have 4 mystery ingredients, plus a full kitchen of other ingredients. You then have a certain amount of time (30 minutes? 1 hour? Whatever feels right to you!) to cook an appetizer, entree, or dessert. We usually skip the entree and dessert and just make a bomb entree, but totally up to you!

Have your partner pick two secret ingredients from the kitchen, and you do the same. Just before starting the lock, reveal the ingredients. You MUST include these ingredients in your final dish!

Enjoy the competition, and then sit down to ‘judge’ each other’s meals, or have a friend or roommate be the judge! Candlelight dinner: optional.

If you like to be pampered..

There is no shortage of amazing, inexpensive spa services on Groupon!! We found an adorable Thai Massage studio not far from where we live. We were given a special couples room for our massage, and absolutely melted when they massaged every part of our bodies. After, we were given time in their steam room, then a shower and time to enjoy some tea. We were so relaxed after our massages. The experience of laying facedown next to other other while Thai women walked on our backs was one for the books!

If you like crafts…

Valentines day is the perfect excuse to take a class together and learn something new! Also easy to find on Groupon or Airbnb, many places will host pottery classes, glassblowing classes, or cooking classes. Find one of these and go have some fun exploring a new craft!

If you like adventure…

Find an experience on Airbnb or Groupon that you will never forget! Leave work early to hike to the top of the largest mountain near you, try your hand at bungee jumping, take a surf lesson. Whatever you can find in your hometown, just go do it! I guarantee the adrenaline will bring you and your partner even closer (is that possible though??).

If you like animals…

Take a night off and volunteer together at an animal shelter! Find a small shelter in your hometown that accepts one-time volunteers. Spending a night with some cats and dogs is a night well spent!

Whatever you choose to do on Valentine’s Day, have fun!

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