Where to Find Wide-Calf Boots

Hello fashionistas! Every winter, I struggle to find a stylish boot that fits my wider calf. This is something that a lot of women deal with, but not a lot of brands have found a solution for (and is it really that hard??).

For years I thought that the dream of owning the perfect pair of boots was, well, just a dream #TheStruggleIsReal. But the tides are turning, and the selection of wide-calf boots is now a reality! And girl, some of these are under $40! Whether you’re looking for a high-end boot, or a trendy boot just for the season, there’s a wide-calf boot out there for everyone!


Number one is and has always been Zappos.com. Zappos caters to the every woman, and has stylish boots in every size, color, and width. This is the first place I go when shopping for boots (and you should too!). These boots will last you a few years, and range from $100 (on sale) to $200. Plus, the leather stretches as well, so they will mold with your calfs instead of just outgrowing them!

Lane Bryant

A classic in the curvy girl community, is Lane Bryant. Lane Bryant isn’t usually my go-to when online shopping, because I am not a fan of their return policy. However, if you live near a store, or feel like taking a chance (hey it has worked out for me a couple times!) then check out their selection of wide-calf boots. They have some cuties, and offer tons of sales! If you hurry, they’re currently doing a buy one get one free, so you can get TWO pairs for under $100!


Next up is our good friend Amazon.com. Did you know that you can buy amazing wide-calf boots on Amazon (and even get that 2-day shipping)? Now you do!


Big shoutout to Frye Boots, who actually created their own line of wide-calf boots! You can now get their signature Frye style in a size that fits (hallelujah!). This is a much pricier option, but you will have your Frye boots forever (if you take care of them!). Prices usually start at $350, but some go on sale for $250 (or less). Sizes 5.5-11.


For some less expensive options, check out SimplyBe. They have SOOO many choices, good luck picking just one! Their sizing is 6-11, and the boots generally start at $70. Although, some of their sale boots are only $30-$40!


Last but not least, is one of my all time favorite shopping destinations- Asos.com. I love ASOS for everything, but did you know they had an awesome wide-calf selection? They have an awesome selection, which sizes 5-12. Don’t miss out!

Jileon on Amazon

Looking for a wide-calf rain boot? Look no further! Jileon on Amazon claims to have the widest calf rain boot on the market (and they are super cute!). Prices start at around $50, and sizes are 6-12. Plus, their boots fit up to a 21″ calf, so you’re safe to buy online here!

That’s the roundup, ladies!! Enjoy your shopping! If you bought a boot because of this post, please tag a pic on IG with the hashtag #GreyGirlGang. Can’t wait to see what you find!

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