Curvy ‘Victoria’s Secret’ Fashion Show Pokes Fun at Outdated Industry

2018 proved to be a controversial year for the popular Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which airs annually in November. An executive at the lingerie company sparked controversy when he publicly stated that there would be no interest in plus size or transgender models appearing in the show.

Navabi, a fashion brand that has named itself “the global leader in plus-size fashion,” ridiculed the company by saying, “our models thought your attitude to body diversity was so out of touch it felt like a spoof. So… they decided to make FUN of you a little.”

The models at Navabi released a video targeting the outdated fashion brand. With angel wings on their backs, the curvy models strut their stuff and call out Victoria’s Secret in unison, “Hey Victoria, what’s your secret?”

As they dance around the stage (looking HOT), they each share that Victoria’s Secret doesn’t care about most women, or diversity for that matter.

This campaign has been highly praised on social media. The importance for a company as big as Victoria’s Secret to show inclusion and diversity to fans young and old can change the way viewers feel about their own bodies. If a 21 year old girl can look up at the stage and see models who look like her, and are shaped like her, then that sends a strong message that you can love your body no matter the size.

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