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Diary of a Wild Heart

It is with a heavy heart that I find myself resigning from another job. A position I have been in before, but after leaving 3 jobs in just under 4 years, this one stings a bit. I have been questioning myself a lot lately. Questioning whether I’m making the right decision, whether I’m ever going to find an area in which I’ll succeed, and questioning any career success I’ve felt up until this point.

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Interview Friday – The Inside Scoop on Buying a House

I have a really special guest on the blog this week, and I am PUMPED to share all of her knowledge with all of you! Almost a year ago, I bought my first home (at 24 years old). It wasn’t easy by any means, but our incredible real estate agent took some time to teach me all the important terminology, what to look for in a first home, and what to absolutely NEVER do. I’m here to share the knowledge with you.

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How to Make 4 Figures Selling Your Things

A couple years ago, I discovered Poshmark. That was such an exciting time for me, because I had loads of clothes I rarely wore, but I didn’t have an outlet to sell them. Craigslist wasn’t made for selling your old clothes, and a garage sale wasn’t going to bring in the dough I was looking for. I went through my closet and discovered I had some high-value bags, shoes, jewelry, and garments. I got to work. 2 years later, and I have made over $1,500 selling my things in my spare time. For the amount of work I actually put into this side hustle, that’s not bad! I now want to pass some of that knowledge onto you, so that you can enjoy fashion sustainably and make some extra money on the side. (Read More)

How to Look Failure in the Face and Learn From It

2018 was wild. The year flew by so quickly that I could barely catch my breath. But the lessons I learned? They were pretty painful and will help me for years to come.

I worked my girl-boss butt off in 2018. I mean, I WORKED. I started my first sales job at a tech company, and felt my competitive spirit erupt. I worked nights, weekends, honestly, whenever I could add to my quota. I had goals for myself, and I knew there was no stopping me. However, on a team of mostly men, I quickly found that the world of sales was not kind to women. I was passed over for raises/promotions, the best accounts, and other opportunities, all because of my gender. I was easily pulling the most revenue on the team, and still found myself receiving much less than my male counterparts.

I’m sure you’ve heard this story a million times, but do you ever picture it happening to you? I thought if I simply worked harder than the rest of my team, that I would be fairly compensated. But this didn’t happen, and I had to learn a tough lesson.

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