Millennial Gift Guide

How is it already that time of year again? It’s Christmas time, and if you’re anything like me, you have shall we say, delayed doing your Christmas shopping until now, AKA, the last minute. It’s okay, I gotchu! This year I put together a Millennial Gift Guide- a list of the top 10 gifts for that special millennial in your life.

Now, millennials do range from 22-37 years old, but for this post, I’m focusing more on the younger millennials. Those who live in their own place, have a job, but are still a bit short on money and are just starting the journey to adulthood. This means gifts of practicality are going to be a hit.

#1 For the Homebody

As a fellow homebody, there is nothing you could gift me that would trump a nice candle. Seriously. A nice candle burns longer, smells nicer, and you can re-use the jars for plants or toiletry holders! My favorites include Dyptique, Overose, Le Labo, and Goop! And if you want to know what to get me for Christmas…. you have your answer.

#2 For the Chef

When I moved into my own place, I instantly started my own cookbook collection! It can be so hard finding motivation to cook, but when I find that motivation, I always turn to one of my cookbooks. I prefer cookbooks with pictures, so definitely keep that in mind when buying for your millennial friend. Some of my favorite cookbooks include Back Pocket Pasta, Solo (A Cookbook for One!), The Chef and the Slow Cooker (what millennial doesn’t have a slow cooker?!).

#3 For the Practical Millennial

If your millennial is anything like me, they probably only have one pair of bed sheets (don’t judge me!). Gifting a nice set of bed sheets is an EXCEPTIONAL gift, and is a gift that they will be thanking you for every-time they climb into bed! For less expensive sheets, check these out, or for a splurge, check out these sheets that I’m lusting over.

#4 For the Party Thrower

These Cocktail machines recently hit the market, and wow, what an idea. Basically a Keurig for cocktails, this is a gift that keeps on giving.

#5 For the Career-Focused Millennial

When I started working a proper 9-5, I also started getting migraines. Turns out, looking at a computer screen all day has some pretty terrible effects. Thankfully, “Blue Light” glasses have hit the scene, and they are a Godsend! These glasses block out the harsh light from your computer screen, saving your eyes. Check out Felix Gray for a pair of stylish specs, or a more thrifty (yet fashionable) pair from Amazon. You can also buy these with prescription, for our glasses-wearing millennials!

#6 For a Millennial Who Loves Monthly Gifts

Who doesn’t love a good subscription box?! There are soooo many subscription boxes on the market, and they make terrific gifts. I love FabFitFun, a box that comes 4 times a year with skincare and fashion goodies that any girls girl would love. Check out this page for a list of 13 great subscription box ideas (and most of them allow you to gift a certain number of boxes/ months!).

#7 For the Coffee Drinker

I realized this year (finally), that I couldn’t spend almost $5 on each coffee drink anymore *audible sigh.* That’s when I bought my very own cold brew maker! So simple a baby could use it (not really, don’t recommend), this kit comes ready to go, so your “just add coffee” attitude can flourish. I recommend buying some grounds to go with this if your millennial is just being introduced to the world of make-your-own-coffee.

#8 For the Skincare Virtuoso

Another item that’s on my wishlist (*cough cough mom*), this is a gift for the girl (or guy) who wants to give themselves at-home facials! This facial steamer opens your pores in minutes so you can really get in there with the cleansers, masks, and extractions. Plus, it comes with a handy little makeup mirror so you can see what’s going on while you cleanse!

#9 For the Photographer

Not sure if you’ve heard, but polaroids are back and hotter than ever! Gift your millennial the gift of memories, and this one even connects to Bluetooth! The polaroid is back, but made for the modern era.

#10 The Aromatherapy Lover

Great for guys and gals (my fiance loveeees this just as much as I do!), this aromatherapy pillow spray will ensure you drift off to sleep quickly and stay asleep. Great for any millennial who has some crazy busy days, and needs a solid night of sleep to accomplish everything they have going on!


Good luck with your Christmas Shopping! I hope this list helps you find everything you could possibly need for that special millennial in your life!

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