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Wedding Planning in the Time of Corona: May

Oh boy, what DIDN’T I do this month?!

Everything definitely hit me this month. I now can’t turn my brain off, and all I ever think about is this damn wedding. Since we were finalizing addresses for our invites this month, I continuously would wake up in the dead of night remembering someone I forgot to add to the list, or a missed address, or WHATEVER. Lot’s of waking up from a lovely little sleep suddenly panicked.

I definitely want to record all the real, raw emotions that go into planning a wedding. I legitimately thought that everything was going to be rainbows and butterflies, but the stress has definitely kicked in (not to say I’m not extremely excited!! I am!). There’s just….. a lot that goes into a wedding like this. This is something I thought I understood before we started, but I’ve learned you just can’t understand it until you’ve gone through it.

With that said, things are starting to come together!


This month I had a couple main focuses: addresses + invites, finalizing registry, and rentals! Who knew that those three things alone were a full time job?

On top of that, John and I are currently working from an Airbnb in Albuquerque, and we had quite a wild ride trying to get our invites. More on that to come.

  • Rentals
  • Finalize Registry
  • Invites


Picture this: I’m lounging on my lunch break, scrolling through story after story on Instagram. Up pops our venue (Park Winters) sharing the most incredible ‘LOVE’ marquee I’ve ever seen. Bam- I found my rental company.

I’d been looking for a whimsical rental company with interesting (and affordable) rentals since this journey began. Stumbling upon Blossom Rentals was a dream- they have sooooo much, and it’s all soooo affordable!! Here’s what we’ll be renting from this company:

  • LOVE marquee (I’m the most excited about this)
  • Ceremony Arch
  • Candles for all the tables
  • Table numbers
  • Fun chairs for John and I to sit in during the reception

I feel like these little touches will give us that wow factor that we need!

I also figured out how I’m going to do all my signage, which has stumped me for the longest time. I discovered some adorable templates on Etsy, which I would definitely use (and then print!). However, my sweet Uncle Will has volunteered to work on matching signs, and I’m sooo excited for this personal touch. I sent away my inspo and am throwing my hands up. I trust the guy!


Who knew building a registry was so much work?! I always pictured myself running through Crate & Barrel with a scanner going wild, but that was not the reality.

Since travel + cash was the most important to us, we wanted to figure out a way for people to buy us something that felt tangible (like an experience), but would give us cold hard cash to put towards our honeymoon. We decided to add honeymoon ‘experiences’ to our registry that people can purchase for us! For example, you can buy us a margarita on our honeymoon, or even pay for one of the nights in our hotel!

We think this will be a great way for people to give us something more meaningful than just cash.

For those still wanting to purchase an item, I did set up a limited registry on Crate & Barrel and Anthropologie. Feel free to check it out here!


Oh the dramaaaa. I’m writing this after waking up from a nap that I had to take since I was up basically all night stressing about invites. Why you ask?? Lemme tell ya.

I was waiting anxiously by the door all day, looking for the UPS man. I checked my email around 3 to find a delivery notification from noon. I looked everywhere, no package. I checked with our neighbor (our Airbnb host), no package. I went across the street to the other neighbor, and she was insistent that it was delivered to her neighbor. I left a note at that house. Still no package.

Panic set in around 6pm, and I spent a good portion of my evening watching all the neighbors and waiting for them to get home from work so I could ask if they got my package by mistake. It was a rough, rough night.

After barely sleeping (I kept waking up thinking I should check the porch because, it could be there!) I got up and waited until a respectable hour to go ask the neighbors before they left for work. I finally went over and talked to one woman who had said her neighbor had it. I went to his house (the house I left a note at), and he was like oh yeah it’s in the back, I saw it after I got your note.

Y’all, I was shook.

NO TEXT. NO CALL. Men, amirite??

Luckily I went back and found my little baby!!!! I almost cried and puked after hours and hours of sheer panic (ok I’m a littttttle dramatic, but it was scary, ok!!).

When I finally opened the box, relief washed over me. They are so beautiful!! A hugeee thank you to my incredible designer, Severina, for all the incredible work she put into our invites. HIGHLY recommend this babe!!

Want a sneak peak??? Check out our amazing invites below!

June is sure to be another crazy busy month, and I don’t even yet know what I’ll be working on (things just fly at me now). We’re soo so excited for everyone to receive their invites and actually RSVP (plz… plz).

Until next month!

Stay tuned, and we sure to watch my Instagram to see various wedding updates during the month!