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Wedding Planning in the Time of Corona: April

HOW IS IT MAY?!?! Not allowed.

It’s hard to believe that our month in Seattle has already come to an end, and we’re officially on our way to Albuquerque!! We’re excited for a month in a more rural area, since Seattle was v busy. After Abq we’ll be heading to Palm Springs, and then home in July for a ton of wedding things.

This month was busy! We’re starting to narrow down the more minor details, which isn’t my favorite part. This month we focused on:

  • Ensuring all bridesmaid dresses are ordered
  • Planning Bachie Parties
  • Working on invites + wedding registry
  • Booking smaller vendors and organizing!

Bridesmaid Dresses

No hate to my ladies, but probably the most difficult part of planning thus far has been wrangling my bridesmaids. There’s nothing like trying to organize 5 different schedules that will test your patience!

As of now, everyone has ordered their dresses in their respective color, and they’re set to arrive around June. Success!!

I was so excited to let everyone pick out their own dresses, and they all picked the perfect dresses. They’re all different enough, but alike enough for guests to know they’re my ~special ladies.~ You go girls!

Bachie Parties

Our weekends are officially BOOKED. John is going to Bend, OR in July, and I’m heading down to Santa Fe for a spa weekend! I have officially been kicked out of planning (thanks MoH!), but I do know that we are staying in a massive farmhouse (with a hot tub!) and will be spending Saturday at the spa.

Santa Fe Farmhouse

Santa Fe is apparently known for their spas, hellooooo, and we found a place that has mineral pools for all day soaking, as well as spa treatments for anyone who wants one. I might also overstep and find a cute restaurant for dinner since that is definitely my domain. Once a planner, always a planner!

John has also been kicked out of his Bachie planning, but we do know that he’ll most likely be drinking a ton of beer and floating down the river that runs through Bend. Relaxing weekends for all.

Invites + Registry

We’re sending out invites next month, and I can’t wait to officially invite everyone to our wedding! I’m working with the same designer who designed our save the dates (Miss Severina!) and I can’t wait to see what her clever mind comes up with. We want our invites to reflect the theme of the wedding- fun, whimsical, summertime. Bright colors and fun fonts are a must!

While Severina works on those, I’ve been starting to narrow down addresses. Is there an easier way than reaching out to all 150 guests individually? Guess we’ll never know. Expect a text from me shortly confirming your address!

I’ve also been tackling the registry which has been a challenge in and of itself. Our challenge is that John and i have been living together for 5 years, and we live in a tiny house at the moment. We definitely want to upgrade to a bigger house, but it’s difficult to know what to put on our registry when said bigger house has not yet been acquired.

Since traveling is the most important thing in our lives, we have opted to mainly share a sort of honeymoon fund. However, instead of just one honeymoon fund, asking people to donate to our honeymoon, we have added a bunch of ‘experiences’ that people can buy us! For example, guests can buy us a dinner on our honeymoon, or buy us a one way flight. This is still through a cash fun, so guests won’t actually be doing the work of buying the flight for us, but this will give us the gift of experiences.

On top of that, we are also registered at Crate & Barrel and Anthropologie for some fun items.

Want to check out our registry? Here ya go!

Smaller Vendors

It is my goal to add a ‘nap + relaxation’ space at our wedding. It’s gonna be a long day, and I think guests need a place to kick back, don’t you?! I’m working on a space that is also cute for photos, where guests can kick off their shoes, lie on some comfy pillows in the sunshine, and take it easy. Next to this, we also want to have a couple lawn games. Corn Hole and Giant Jenga anyone??

I’ve also been working on our wedding ‘favor.’ This is top secret as of now, but I can’t wait to gift something so personal to all of our guests. Get excited, I’m working hard on this!!

Right now, we are organizing organizing organizing. I’m busy alphabetizing guest lists, keeping track of important emails, booking trials and alterations appointments, and making sure all bridesmaids and guests are taken care of. It’s definitely getting busy, and my stress is creeping in. I’m hoping that over the course of the next few months I can focus on everything that needs to get done and accept help from those around me- cuz I’m gonna need it!

Until next time, my loves!

Stay tuned, and we sure to watch my Instagram to see various wedding updates during the month!