Wedding Planning in the Time of Corona: March

Another month in the rearview!

March was jam packed with…. stuff other than wedding planning 🙂 John and I decided that we were missing out on an opportunity to hit the road during our work from home days. Why not work from home in a way cooler place? So we spent the month packing up, finding a tenant, and getting our home ready for leave for 3 months! I’m currently writing this from Seattle, and next month we’ll be hanging out in sunny Albuquerque, followed by beautiful Palm Springs.

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In between packing and stressing out about getting everything done in the 3 short weeks we had to prepare, we did get some planning done!


This month, as the vaccine rollout in the US started to gain speed, we became even more confident that the wedding is ~actually~ going to happen. We’re hoping that vaccines will be available to all by September, and if that’s the case, then all guests will be required to be vaccinated to attend.

This month we worked on:

  • Planning Bachelor/ Bachelorette Parties
  • Booking our Guitarist
  • Bridesmaid Dresses

Party Time

John and I decided on July for our bachie parties!! John will be going to Bend, Oregon for a weekend of outdoor adventures. I will be heading to Santa Fe, NM (my MOH lives in Abq!) for a leisurely spa weekend. We come from different worlds, clearly.

I am not heavily involved in this planning, but I do know that our weekend will include a massive farmhouse in Santa Fe, a hot tub, lots of wine, delicious food, and a spa day. Hellooooo perfect weekend!

John’s weekend will include lots o’ beer, floating down the river, and perhaps a hike or two. Sooo glad I won’t be there (but definitely John’s perfect weekend).

Guitarist Daniel

I found an exact replica of my dad to be our acoustic guitarist for the ceremony! Finding a guitarist was surprisingly a lot of work. They were all either too expensive, not available, or just… not good at playing guitar.

We finally found Daniel, and he’s excellent. He even showcased our “walk down the aisle” song as one of his specialities! It was simply meant to be.

Bridesmaid Fits

It was finally time for my ladies to order their dresses! After deciding on our 5 unique colors, it was time to let everyone pick their dresses.

I decided to go with, since all the dresses are under $100, it’s very size inclusive, and there are lots of great options. I had everyone pick out their own dress to ensure everyone will feel their best on the day! For me, it’s s much more important that everyone is happy and comfortable in their dress.

I absolutely loved their choices and can’t wait to see all my ladies looking fire on the wedding day!


We’re starting to get really excited! With only 5 months to go, shit is getting real. From this point on, we’re going to start nailing down the smaller details, forming day-of schedules, picking out music for the pool party (okay fine, my playlist is already 5 hours long), and enjoying all our hard work!

In these coming months, we hope our guests will focus on getting their vaccinations to ensure a safe party. We’ll be sending out invites towards the end of May, so watch the mail for your invite!

Stay tuned, and we sure to watch my Instagram to see various wedding updates during the month!