Wedding Planning in the Time of Corona: February

Hello hello fabulous friends!

We are officially SIX MONTHS OUT. Although I am beyond stoked for the wedding, it’s true what they say- it really does sneak up on you!


February was another food-focused month for us (my favorite kinds of month). We attended our tasting at Park Winters, and started planning some of the Bachelor/ Bachelorette party fun! This was also the first month that we started feeling a lot better about things, and as of now, we are optimistic that we’ll be able to have a fairly normal, safe wedding! We’re still cautiously optimistic, but it’s looking good over here. Get excited for a HUGE party after 1.5 years in quarantine!

This month we focused on:

  • Tasting & choosing a menu
  • Starting to plan Bach parties

The Tasting

I was eagerly anticipating this food-filled night, when my dog Bella had an accident. The poor thing got her dew claw stuck and it ripped out; so mere hours before our tasting, I was rushing my pup to the vet.

Poor Bella!

After that, we weren’t feeling much like going out and celebrating, but unable to move the tasting date, we had a friend watch Bella and made the drive up to Park Winters.
Just being at that beautiful venue changed our moods, and we settled in for a fun night of tasting. Here is the full list of what we tasted:

  • Roasted chicken
  • NY strip steak
  • Braised lamb shoulder
  • Lasagna


  • Caesar
  • Park winters farm greens salad
  • Farro and Cous Cous


  • Hot chicken and waffles
  • Goat cheese tart
  • Lamb meatballs
  • Edamame falafel


  • ‘From our farm’ (Various veggies grown at the venue)

Starch/ grain

  • Gnocchi

Everything was to die for.

Faro and Cous Cous Salad
Lamb Shoulder
Roasted Chicken
NY Strip Steak
Goat Cheese Tart
Chicken n’ Waffles
Lamb Meatballs

I loved the chicken and waffles appetizer so much that we decided to have it at both the pool party on Friday night, and at the wedding reception on Saturday.

It was pretty easy for us to decide on our two menus, and it was great to finally sit down with the venue coordinator to ask any questions we had.

We then got a chance to taste some cocktails (we tasted all the wine during dinner, as well). We are debating ‘signature cocktails’ but they nailed our faves. I love a Spicy Gin Fizz and John settled on an Old Fashioned (so us). Keep an eye out for those at the wedding!

The best part was just relaxing at the venue. It’s so peaceful and beautiful, and knowing how much it calmed me on the day Bella injured herself makes me feel optimistic about my state of mind the morning of the wedding. Of course I’ll be excited, but I know that being at Park Winters will calm any worries I have about the day. It’s going to be perfect.

Bach Parties

John and I both decided that we would plan our parties for mid-July. We’re hoping things will be settled enough by then to enjoy a small gathering with friends!

John is working with his best men (he has two, because who can choose?!) on a possible trip up to Bend, Oregon, to enjoy floating on the river and some good beer.

I plan to head down to Santa Fe, NM, close to where my maid of honor lives, in Albuquerque (did I spell that right?) to enjoy a relaxing weekend by the pool with some girlfriends.

Just getting out of the house and seeing friends would be a treat!

Misc Thoughts

I’m both excited and overwhelmed about the wedding being a mere 6 months away. How?!?! There’s still so much to do, but so much is already planned. We are planning to have one last engagement photo session with our actual wedding photographer this time! We have planned a trip to Salt Lake City to visit her, and get to know her before the wedding.

Taken at Park Winters last year

Stay tuned, and we sure to watch my Instagram to see various wedding updates during the month!