Strike a Pose: Getting Comfortable in Front of the Camera!

Hey my #GreyGirlGram babes! Happy Thursday (or whatever day you’re reading this!).

I am so beyond excited to share my SECOND blog post about how to pose and get more comfortable in front of the camera! I wrote the first one over a year ago, and you can check that one out here!

The camera has become my best friend. It knows my good sides, how to hide my insecurities, and how to make me feel like a boss betch!

But it hasn’t always been my best friend… When I first started shooting content, I would awkwardly bite my lip in EVERY PHOTO without knowing I was doing it! It took some serious time to get out of that funk and start shooting content I actually liked.

So I’m going to spill all my secrets; everything I’ve learned in the past two years! Let’s do this.

Secret #1: Plan Plan Plan!

You all know how much I LOVE Pinterest. It’s such an easy way to find inspiration and save it for later. Before I shoot a concept, I take a look at my pinned posts for some posing inspo. I pay attention to how their standing, what they’re doing with their hands, their facial expression etc. It’s basically like studying for your upcoming shoot! I also utilize the “Save” functionality on Instagram, and use that for inspiration. If you need some inspiration, check out my Pinterest for loads of inspo!

Secret #2: Practice Makes Perfect!

Once you’ve taken a look at your inspo boards, practice! Whip out your full length mirror and literally strike pose after pose after pose until you like what you see! **Pro tip** do this ALONE so nobody makes you feel judged. You’re going to feel awkward, but push through it and KEEP GOING! Ya got this!

Secret #3: Shoot By Yourself!

When I discovered self-shoot mode (I use the Cannon Connect app to shoot from my iPhone) I really blossomed. I was able to see exactly how I was posing as I was shooting. Shooting by myself allowed me to come out of my shell and start experimenting. Check out this blog for tips on how to shoot your content by yourself!

Secret #4: Triangles!

Full credit for this tip goes out to Queen Kylie Katich. Whenever you’re posing, work triangles into your poses. For example, when we put our hand on our hip, it creates a triangle shape. Try to do that with different parts of your body to make your photos more interesting.

Secret #5: Prop it Up!

Props are the easiest way to get comfortable in front of the camera! When it comes down to it, what makes us uncomfortable is generally not knowing what to do with our hands and our face. Right? Luckily, there are ways around this. Here’s a list of some of my favorite props to incorporate, but have fun with it! Also, we’re in the age of Covid, so if you don’t know what to do with your face, throw on a mask for an instant badass look.

  • A Camera
  • Tossing your jacket
  • Putting on lipstick
  • A flower
  • Using an old phone to pretend to make a call
  • A purse
  • Your dog
  • Some sort of food (I love lollipops and cotton candy for a fun look!)
  • Sunglasses
  • A lit candle (cool spooky effect!)

Secret #6: Add Some Movement!

When you don’t know what to do, move! Twirl in a circle, flip your hair, add a jump. Pump up the tunes and start dancing! Movement is a sure fire way to get you feeling more comfortable, so turn your photo shoots into a dance party!

Secret #7: It May Take Time, But You’re a Badass

Nothing happens overnight. Seriously. Give yourself time, be gracious to yourself, and remember that even the best posers on IG had to learn. You’re a badass and you got this!!



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