Shooting Your Own Content 101

Hi #GreyGirlGram fam! I am so excited to launch blog posts for Thursday’s #GreyGirlGram, where I offer tips and tricks to up your IG game! I always have so much to say, so I thought bringing my full ideas onto the blog would be PERF (also, my intern is a genius and came up with this, so snaps for Gabi!).

Let’s kick it off with a highly requested topic: How to take your own damn content!

When I was first starting out, I was SO CONFUSED. I saw influencers such as Autum Rainn taking her own photos, but how?! Whenever I tried, mine would come out blurry, and it was so hard to time it right! I finally picked up on an industry secret that changed my life- DSLR cameras with WIFI.

Most DSLRs with built-in wifi have apps that you can use to actually focus your lens, zoom, change the settings, and actually take the photo from your smart phone.

*Brain explosion*

Here I was trying to set up self timer and make it in front of my camera in time. Silly me.

When I learned this, I had a Nikon. Nothing against Nikon, but I found that Canon had a much better app, and I just loved the look and feel of Canon’s captures. I ended up investing in a new Canon camera and sold my Nikon. Couldn’t recommend doing this more! I now use a Canon 5D Mark IV with the Canon Connect App and love it SO MUCH.

I highly recommend investing in the camera you’re going to LOVE and get the most out of. I wanted a full frame camera with Wifi, and found this was highly recommended.

Ok, back to taking your own content!

Once you have a DSLR with Wifi, your life is going to be complete.

But what if you don’t have a DSLR camera? Not a problem! Iphone and Android technology has come a long way, and the photo quality is fantastic. I would suggest investing in a phone tripod + ring light if you’re feeling extra. This will make it much easier for you to simply push the self-timer and POSE. If you have an apple watch, you can also take the photo from your watch.

I love shooting by myself because I can play around with poses, take my time, and get silly in front of the camera without the embarrassment of someone watching me. If you’re not comfortable in front of a camera, I highly recommend self-shooting to figure out your poses! I used to bite my lip in EVERY PHOTO John took of me. I knew I had to get more comfortable before my content was taken over by an awkward lip bite!

Taken by myself using my backdrop stand, tripod, and DSLR

A prop I LOVE that made shooting at home a little easier, is my backdrop standI use this with a white sheet whenever I want glamour shots (or as a way to not have my living room become the background of every photo).

When in doubt, get creative! You absolutely do not need a professional photographer (or a committed Instagram Boyfriend) to get those editorial shots, babe! You are a strong, independent woman WHO DON’T NEED NO PHOTOGRAPHER! Good luck, can’t wait to see your shots!