Goodbye-Guilt Pasta

Let’s talk about PASTA! Since I was a wee child, there is nothing, I mean nothing, I have been more obsessed with, than pasta. Of course, child Hannah had no idea that carbo-loading daily could be so detrimental (damn you, pasta Gods!). Kicking this habit has been easily the biggest challenge since starting my health journey (of course, following hundreds of food accounts on Instagram isn’t helping…).

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Recently I discovered something that completely rocked my world. A way that I could eat pasta, and still avoid heavy carbo-loading.

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What’s my secret? They call it “Skinny Pasta” and I am HERE FOR IT. “Skinny Pasta” is made out of something called the Konjac Root. The Konjac Root is a Japanese plant that is high in fiber and aids in weight loss. Food scientists have found a way to grind this root down to a flour and create several varieties of pasta out of this incredible substance.

As one study stated, “Konjac root contains around 40% of the soluble fibre, glucomannan, which creates a feeling of fullness due to its very slow passage through the digestive tract and it is shown to lower cholesterol and balance blood sugar.”

When I first read about this, I thought it was too good to be true. Would it actually taste like pasta? Will it smell? I was highly concerned.

However, when I found a package on the shelves of Whole Foods (pasta aisle!), I was ready.

The noodles come pre-cooked, so they are super easy to make. All you have to do is open up the package and drain the liquid with the noodles (keeping them fresh). Then rinse the noodles with cool water for a few minutes, toss them in a pan, and add the sauce of your choice (maybe some meatballs, too!). Voila- “skinny” pasta served.

Eating them, I was pretty amazed. They do taste very similar to regular, high-carb pasta. They aren’t identical, so prepare yourself for that! However, they are just a chewier alternative. The noodles don’t taste like much on their own, but will absorb the flavors around them (much like tofu).

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“Skinny Pasta” comes in many different shapes and sizes, as well as rice! I haven’t tried them all, but I obviously will be. If you don’t live near a Whole Foods, try buying online!

I do suggest going with this brand, because there have been reports that this is the only skinny pasta brand that doesn’t have a weird smell (cannot risk that TBH).

When I made the ‘Spaghetti’ package, this is what they looked like! I will say, the spaghetti package does remind me more of ramen noodles than actual spaghetti. Go with a thicker noodle, like fettuccini, if looking for a closer replica.

I hope you LOVE this spaghetti-substitute! If you find this and make it, be sure to tag #greygirlgang on instagram.

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