The Greatest Online Shopping Yet (and They Have Your Size!)

Those who know me know that I spend HOURS every week online shopping. Why do this when I can’t even try it on? Through experimental shopping, I have learned which online shops I can trust, what sizes to order for myself, and most important, their return policies!

But nothing prepared me for Loft’s sale of the century over Christmas (and yes, it’s still happening!). Early 2018, Loft released their anticipated plus-size line. Loft has always been known as a petite shop, and I could never find anything there that fit even one of my thighs.

I decided to take a chance, and order some cute pieces in my normal size. I am usually between two sizes, and for this, I would recommend sizing up. If you are comfortable in one size, stick with that. After I found a $12 wrap dress, I even convinced my mom to place her order (she is usually way too wary of online shopping!).

When our packages arrived a few days later, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Not only did everything fit perfectly, but it was all beautiful, high quality, and not at all expensive! So I did what any normal girl would do- went online and placed another order!

I eventually placed a third order as well (can’t stop this!), and was not disappointed at all! In fact, I ordered 14 different pieces online, returned zero, and they ALL cost me $277. Total. For a whole new wardrobe.

I know, I was shocked too. I’m super excited to share some of these new looks with you! I have linked all my fave pieces that are still available. You know where to find me if you have questions. Happy shopping!

I basically live in this dress now, oh and it’s $15
The $12 wrap dress! Now $7
Gotta share my mom’s purchase!
The sweater is Loft! Obsessed with this- super comfy and goes with everything! This color is sold out, but here’s a super cute alternative
Alternative here for $25!
Leopard cardigan (aka my favorite cardigan ever) now $25!
This skirt is to die for! Only $15. 
Also linking the jacket (It’s JustFab) and only $15!!
The comfiest sweater (sold out)
Wearing my comfy sweater/ jacket a different way, with the cutest leather skirt! NOW $10 Y’ALL
Another view of the adorable skirt and jacket linked earlier
Another steal (that I didn’t have time to photograph)- $10!!

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